Workshop duration: 2 days / 8 hours per day (16 hours in total)

 Venue: Computer room and Laboratory of the Department of Animal Breeding and Livestock production



  • Asst. Prof. Sven Menčik, PhD, DVM (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb)
  • Prof. Anamaria Ekert Kabalin, PhD, DVM (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zagreb)
  • Mato Čačić, PhD, (Ministry of Agriculture)
  • Marija Špehar, PhD (Ministry of Agriculture)
  • Vesna Orehovački, B. Sc. Agr. (Ministry of Agriculture – Livestock Gene Bank of the Republic of Croatia)
  • Maja Jakobović, M. Eng. Mol. Biotech. (Gorea Plus Ltd – Gene-Team).


A brief description:

  • improve the understanding of the importance of molecular genetic methods in preserving indigenous breeds
  • identification and analysis of their genotype according to phenotypic animal traits
  • improve the knowledge about the importance of preserving indigenous breeds as an integral part of biodiversity
  • implementation of molecular genetic methods and their use in scientific and laboratory work, analysis of the results obtained and their interpretation
  • participants will be able to see a presentation of the Livestock Gene Bank of the Republic of Croatia.


Number of attendees: minimum 6, maximum 8

Cost: 1200 kn (VAT included)

Language: English / Croatian

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