Duration: 3,5 hours

Venue: Clinic for obstetrics and reproduction

Lecturer: Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christine Aurich , Dipl. ECAR, PhD, DVM

Brief description: Attendees will gain theoretical and practical knowledge in:

  • breeding soundness examination in mares (including ultrasound, collection of swabs, biopsies plus interpretation of results and suggestion of treatment)
  • Interpretation of laboratory data and practical work on histology slides from infertile cases including a therapeutic plan from the collected data.
  • Caslick surgery, explanation, demonstration and practical work
  • Pregnancy examination (early and late pregnancy approach)
  • Embryotransfer in horses (technology, possibilities and practical approach)


Number of attendees: 8-10
Cost: 600 kn (VAT included)
Language: English (Croatian translation if required)

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