Real success possible with protein bars? Only if...

I'm giving my honest opinion on these protein bars, without bias, and for no other reason than I know my stuff.

I will not be taking a "bad" or "average" rating. This page has a huge variety of protein bars and brands to choose from. I will also take the time to state my opinion on each brand of protein bar I have reviewed. These bars are all made from soy, almond or coconut oils (or any other kind of oil) and the ingredients list is included. I have not yet reviewed any of the other brands, so I won't be making this list. These are all of the products I have reviewed on this page, so I have to say I am very biased towards these products. I use this system of rating when I review any protein bar. 1) The first star is an overall positive and that is the product that I have used the most and enjoyed. 2) A two star product would be the product that is a good mix of ingredients and I have found that I am able to take my time and enjoy it, but I feel that the other two stars are not worth the price point.

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